Why Learning to Play the Guitar Will Make You Live a Significantly Better Life

Why Learn Guitar in Madison

First Let’s Debunk a Somewhat True Cliché

Have you ever caught the tail-end of some cheesy sci-fi movie where a group of corporate scientists open a portal to another dimension, allowing in massive droves of gooey creatures that threaten human existence across the entire planet? Well, this is slightly similar an event to a boy picking up a guitar and then having dozens of girls appear out of nowhere and flaunt themselves in his direction. For decades now, the guitar has frequently been referred to as a gateway for captivating the ladies. So let’s go ahead and surpass this sexist stereotype by focusing on the universal benefits of learning to play an instrument…particularly why guitar is the best for both men and women, however young or old!Music Cultivates Intelligence

Increase Your IQ

Cultivate Intelligence by Embracing the Fireworks

It’s not our physical prowess that makes human beings the dominant species—it’s our brains. When your brain is fully engaged, a CT scan will show a display of mental activity resembling the most dazzling of fireworks. The more brain power, the stronger an individual you will become. Studies administered have displayed convincing evidence that practicing and playing will repeatedly light up the synapses in your brain like a Christian tree.

Furthermore, the act of playing music serves as a vital bridge which connects the two hemispheres (i.e. right brain vs. left brain—why not both?). This carries over into additional fields, sharpening your mind for other non-musical activities both mental AND physical. Even your memory will drastically improve. Above all, the art of playing music has rooted itself as being unique from any other act.

Live Longer

Terminate Anxiety: Music Is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of Stress-Relief

Those who are burdened by daily strife easily get uptight. Even those of us who are the most laid-back gradually get weighed down by the constant grind of school and/or work, among other mundane aspects of existence, translating to increased blood pressure and humanity’s dark horse of a killer: stress. Guess what? We’re all on this sinking ship together so let’s transform it into a yacht. Turning to relaxants like alcohol and tobacco will only prolong the symptoms, never attacking the root of stress.

Now consider music. How many times have you blown off some steam on the long commute home by cranking the dial on your favorite tune? What about at the gym? Have you ever relied on a beloved power song to lift your spirits for that final three and a half minutes of a grueling run? Listening to music heals the soul unlike anything else except for one thing: actually playing music.

Successfully carrying out a melody is the adrenaline high of listening yet times a thousand. When you’ve got your trusted instrument, and you know how to play, this will always be one fail-safe place you can sneak away to and get beautifully lost in the lushest rhythm of your own making.

Instantly Become More Attractive

Develop the DNA of Adonis or Aphrodite

Children Learn Instruments Improve Quality of Life

Okay, we can’t completely leave this one alone. Simply holding a guitar increases your attractiveness to the opposite sex. The brightest news is how the seductive merits of learning an instrument extend to both genders. This is factual.

University studies have been conducted where the exact same human subject is rated on initial perception both with and without a guitar. Cases featuring the guitar are typically almost triple the ratings—yes, three times as effective—as without this instrument. So Gene Simmons has it right about the outcome being undeniable: an instrument boosts your appeal, translating to far more self-confidence as well.

Now let’s delve further into why this is. Our brains associate an instrument with several qualities desirable in a mate: hard work, patience, confidence, discipline, creativity, and the list goes on. Not sure if a study has been done ranking those with a video game controller in their hands instead, but it’s probably safe to assume your kill count in Halo 6 doesn’t factor into the equation of ideal attributes.

Make More Money

The Skill Extends Beyond Music

While the odds of hitting it big in the music business are rather slim, research does indicate those who learn an instrument earlier in life end up having more successful, lucrative careers, regardless of their chosen line of work. Playing the guitar on a regular basis isn’t just a stress-relieving skill nor is it simply fun (although performing is a dopamine-releasing experience).

Playing the guitar is a consistent mental exercise guaranteed to keep your mind healthy the same way working out keeps your body in shape. 99.9% of musicians will never sign a record contract; putting in the work on your instrument is still advantageous to your future.

You Only Live Once

The Sense of Accomplishment is Unparalleled

But let’s make sure we use this saying twice: You only live once. Life is a precious gift nobody truly wants to squander, and since your brain is your #1 asset, you best take care of it. When wanting a better life for your children—in addition to yourself—there’s plenty of evidence to prove that learning an instrument like the guitar will only lead to personal improvement. Give it a try. The mental and physical benefits will astound you.

As soon as you, your son, or your daughter learn a few chords, you'll be able to start jamming. Even playing the most basic three-chord tune (like Louie Louie by the Kingsmen) will feel so enormously rewarding you'll want to jump off your amplifier. Seriously, there's a HUGE sense of accomplishment. Then you'll soon realize not every famous guitarist can solo like Jimmy Page. It's shocking to discover many of your favorite artists only possessed a handful of chords, a good imagination, and plenty of enthusiasm.

Now how about that first lesson?

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